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  • Renaissance

    The Renaissance was the period in Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries when there was a surge of interest in and production of art and literature. ... In Old French renaissance means "rebirth." JBR is leading Japan into the future.

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    5. Tourism with an eye towards cultural promotion and preservation

    6. Adaptable & Sustainable Mindset in action

  • Connecting People

    Serving Business & The Community

    Muneo Wakabayashi

    Distinguished career journalist turned professor turned business consultant, Muneo is originally from Tokyo, now living in Fukuoka, Japan.


    Muneo leads his own consultancy, WBS, Wakabashi Business Support. He is also Media Rep for the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization and has active advisory roles in several organizations throughout the country.


    Muneo formerly worked as Tokyo TV's New York Bureau Chief & Anchor and has the distinction of being the creator and first anchor of World Business Satellite (WBS) with TV Tokyo and the NIKKEI (Nihon Keizai Shimbun).


    Muneo, a true world citizen, was a founding member of the English Speaking Union of Japan.

    Hiroshi Onoka

    Chief Design Officer with total 20 years of US-based experience; the most recent stay for 16 years in Seattle from 2001 through 2017. Hiroshi returned to Japan in October, 2017 after having established a branch office for a US client in Fukuoka City.


    A top-level business producer adept at starting and growing businesses, establishing collaboration with buyers, suppliers and/or partners for strategic long-tail relationships, his business motto is Happy & Happy, not Win/Win.


    Hiroshi is passionate about forming a bridge between Japan and the world to introduce traditional Japanese culture and crafts. He avidly supports modern crafts-persons worldwide.


    Hiroshi is also passionate about mentoring and lifestyle/business coaching for the next generation.

    Ryu Kiheon

    In 2018, Ryu established Global Connect Fukuoka, an overseas PR platform utilizing an international team and new social media.


    Global Connect Kyushu disseminates the charm of Kyushu using its Global Reporters organization of about 100 people from 20 countries.


    Prior to that, he was at the Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center.


    He earned his doctorate in human environmental science from the Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University.


    Ryu has served as Chaiman at Kyushu University Foreign Student Association.


    Bruce Haendel

    An American based in Fukuoka since 1985. Bruce is one of Japan's first Internet users and website builders.


    He has more than 30 years of PR & marketing experience primarily with Japanese businesses and institutions, and has worked on hundreds of projects adding mission-critical strategy, communications, and technology.


    Bruce received his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington in 1983. He lectured at Kyushu Institute of Technology for 15 years and at Nakamura University's School of Business, Marketing, and Distribution for 7 years.

  • Clients

    Large and Small



    Created and edited content for catalogs and brochures.

    Helped global product launches in seven languages.


    TV & Radio

    Created voiceovers for promotional campaigns, increasing customer numbers.


    Year-Round Event Planning

    Brought one of Fukuoka's landmark sites online with public wifi, increasing customer numbers.


    International Promotion

    Took MIMO-MESH Project Technology to Europe, North America, Australia, & Taiwan.


    TV & Radio

    Created voiceovers for promotional campaigns, increasing customer numbers.

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